Jun 08

RA Lindenau

Brexit: Cross border merger and cross border transfer of statutory seat as “Opt Out” from Brexit for UK companies

After the Brexit decision a number of UK companies are considering alternative options for their administrative headquarters. But isn’t it still much too early to think about moving away from the UK? Not really: If no agreement on the terms for the UK’s withdrawal from the Common Market is reached Brexit will materialize on March 29, 2019. Since nobody can tell under which circumstances and when exactly Brexit will take place UK companies being dependent on the Common Market should have a fully elaborated “plan B” prepared for the “Worst Case” since probably (i) the UK will cease to benefit from the EU trade agreements, (ii). EU treaties, directives, regulations and rulings of the European Court of Justice will not apply anymore in UK and (iii) EU courts would no longer have any jurisdiction in the UK. Moreover issues like data protection, IP rights and the so called “Single Passport” for financial institutions will be affected. Whatever the result of the Brexit negotiations will be – transactions between UK companies and European companies are likely to get significantly more complex.
However, a UK company could “opt out” from the Brexit e.g. by way of a cross border merger or by transferring its statutory seat to another member state under simultaneous change of its legal form. The second option is based on the “Vale” decision by the European Court of Justice of July 12, 2012 (C-378/10). Both the cross border merger and the transfer of the company’s statutory seat (as well as other legal options which could be pursued as “escape route”) take some time and need to be thoroughly prepared and closely examined from a tax point of view. Since all the legal options are likely to be available only as long as Brexit has not yet materialized timing will be of essence.
In his video Dr. Christoph Lindenau explains why UK companies therefore should reflect already now on the possibility of leaving the UK and prepare an action plan for the “Worst Case” and what the possible escape route could look like.

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Nov 22

RA Lindenau

Dieselgate: Why VW’s compliance system might have failed

Although compliance has turned into a big topic on the agenda of companies in the recent years Volkswagen’s compliance system has not been able to prevent the recent scandal (often referred to as “Dieselgate”). Apparently a hint given by one of the Volkswagen technicians already in 2011 to one of his superiors pointing at the usage of the illegal software for emission cheating purposes has not triggered any response of VW’s compliance system at that time. Could the scandal and the severe consequences for Volkswagen have been prevented by a more comprehensive external ombudsperson system, being open to hints not only regarding corruption but also other compliance violations? Dr. Lindenau takes a look of what is publicly known about VW’s compliance strategy and underlines the importance of a whistleblowing system which can bypass both the compliance office and the management board of a company and directly link an external ombudsperson with the supervisory board or a shareholders’ committee in the event of any potential misconduct in which members of the management board might be involved.

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Dez 09

RA Lindenau

lindenaulegal.update II/2011 soeben erschienen!

Mit der Veröffentlichung von lindenaulegal.update möchten wir Sie halbjährlich über aktuelle Urteile und anstehende Gesetzesvorhaben, die für Ihr Unternehmen von Bedeutung sein könnten, informieren. Einige der Beiträge aus unserem Blog werden Sie dabei auch in unserem Newsletter in redaktionell aufbereiteter Fassung wiederfinden. Laden Sie lindenaulegal.update bequem als PDF-Fassung herunter oder blättern Sie online in der Flash-Version. Gern übersenden wir Ihnen unseren Newsletter auf Wunsch auch als Printfassung. Kontaktieren Sie uns!

Download als PDF hier:   http://www.lindenaulegal.de/_downloads/Newsletter_LindenauLegal_2_2011_web.pdf

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Anbei die Inhaltsübersicht von lindenaulegal.update II/2011:

Reverse Factoring und Fine Trading
Innovative Finanzierungsstrategien

Vergleichende Werbung
„Nachfüllprodukte“ von Drittherstellern

Button-Lösung beim Online-Shopping
Per Knopfdruck Recht

Weisungsbefugnis kommunaler Gremien
Politik und Aufsichtsrat

EGMR stärkt Rechte der Arbeitnehmer

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Okt 06

RA Lindenau

Blog’s on!

Im Oktober 2011 startet der Blog von LindenauLegal mit Informationen zu verschiedenen aktuellen wirtschaftsrechtlichen Themen.

Im Vordergrund steht dabei die qualitativ hochwertige und journalistische Aufbereitung von rechtlichen Themen, Gesetzesentwicklungen und Urteilen – nicht im „juristischen Fachchinesisch“, sondern in einer allgemein verständlichen Form. Insofern versteht sich der Blog von LindenauLegal auch nicht als „Fachinformationen für Eingeweihte“. Auch Nichtjuristen sind ganz herzlich eingeladen mitzudiskutieren und mitzubloggen!

Eine Übersicht der jeweils aktuellen Blog-Beiträge finden Sie auch auf der neuen Facebook-Seite der Kanzlei: http://www.facebook.com/LindenauLegal.

Wir freuen uns auf interessante Beiträge und konstruktive Kommentare von Lesern, eine angeregte Diskussion über tagesaktuelle Themen und viel Spaß beim Bloggen!

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